About Michael

Michael Arnel is a Senior Software Architect currently working for HumanTouch LLC in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. As the Manager of Software Development and Solutions he’s responsible for the management of all products and solutions. He’s been developing software for 15 years professionally and specializes in the .Net Platform, utilizing technologies like C#, MVC, WCF and Microsoft SharePoint. Michael is passionate about all technology and has recently taken an interest in architecting solutions on the JavaScript stack using Node.js and front-end MVVM tools such as Angular.js.

When Michael is not focused on work he enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons. Living in the Maryland countryside they enjoy hobbies like kayaking, mountain biking, fishing and the occasional round of golf. Michael’s second passion is brewing beer, and would one day enjoy running a brew pub in the future where he can share his brews with a much wider audience.

Michael is currently employed but is available for part-time contract work or side jobs. If interested, please contact me via my contact page. ~Michael